With default options using checkbox:
description one
description two
A custom form in a validation style:
description one Checked? Yep Nop
description two
description three

  backLabel:      'Backward',
  block:          true,
  errorImage:     true,
  nextLabel:      'Forward',
  titleClick:     true,
  validate:       true

- When the attribute 'validate' is true, you must include the jquery.validate.js.
With just step without form:
description one
description two
description three
  finishButton: false
With transitions callback:
description one
description two
description three
description four
  back: function(index) {
    alert('Going to step ' + index + '...');
  }, next: function(index) {
    if (!isValid()) {
      alert('Invalid random value!');
      return false;

    alert('Going to step ' + index + '...');
  }, select: function(index) {
    alert('Current step ' + index + '.');
  }, finish: function(index) {
    alert('Finishing on step ' + index + '...');
  titleClick: true

- You can do validations during the callback;
- Return "false" to prevent the transition;
- Return "true" or nothing to continue the transition;
- If the Stepy is a form and the finish element is not a submit type, then .submit() will be invoked.

With target for the titles and custom legend and description:
<div id="title-target"></div>

  description:  false,
  legend:       false,
  titleClick:   true,
  titleTarget:  '#title-target'

- You can choose any specific target;
- Even if the fieldset has legend, it will not appear if legend attribute is false;
- The description depends of the legend element. Even with legend attribute setted to false;
- The finish button can be any element you want, since it has the class name 'finish'.

HTML structure:
<form id="step">
  <fieldset title="Title">
    <!-- input fields -->

  <fieldset title="Title">
    <!-- input fields -->

  <input type="submit" class="finish"/>
- The fieldset's title is the main title of the step and the legend is the description of it.
Default options:
back:           undefined
Callback before the backward action.
backLabel:      '< Back'
Change the back button label.
block:          false
* Block the next step if the current is invalid.
description:    false
Choose if the descriptions of the titles will be showed.
errorImage:     false
* If an error occurs, a image is showed in the title of the corresponding step.
finish:         undefined
Callback before the finish action.
finishButton:   true
Include the element with class name '.finish' into the last step.
ignore:         ''
Choose the fields to be ignored on validation.
legend:         false
Choose if the legends of the steps will be showed.
nextLabel:      'Next >'
Change the next button label.
next:           undefined
Callback before the forward action.
titleClick:     true
Active the back and next action in the titles.
titleTarget:    ''
Choose the place where titles will be placed.
select:         undefined
Callback executed when the step is shown.
validate:       false
* Active the jQuery Validation for each step.
* Depends of jquery.validation.js.
Public functions:
$('#step').stepy('step', 2);
Change the form to step 2.